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RYA Theory Courses

Theory Courses Majorca

RYA Theory Courses – updated 15 February 2023.

For sailors who are looking to improve their theoretical knowledge of sailing and navigation, the Royal Yachting Association (RYA) offers a range of theory courses in Majorca. These courses cover a variety of topics, from essential navigation and seamanship to advanced celestial navigation, and are designed to help sailors gain the knowledge and skills they need to navigate safely and confidently on the water.

RYA Theory Courses

Online training & reading

There are plenty of places online where you can do these courses; however, many people prefer the classroom environment learning with others. There are also many publications, which will help you study for and pass the RYA theory parts of these courses such as: RYA Navigation Handbook, RYA Navigation Exercises, RYA Weather Handbook, RYA Sail Cruising Logbook, RYA Motor Cruising Logbook, RYA Manual of Seamanship by Tom Cunliffe, Seaman’s Guide to the Rule of the Road by JWW Ford and Yachtmaster for Sail and Power by Alison Noice.

Essential Navigation & Seamanship Course

One of the most popular RYA theory courses in Majorca is the Essential Navigation & Seamanship Course. This course covers the basics of navigation, including charts, tidal heights, and buoyage. It also covers essential seamanship skills, such as knots, ropes, and safety on board. The course is ideal for sailors who are new to sailing or who want to refresh their knowledge of basic navigation and seamanship.

This two-day theory course offers a really good introduction to navigation and safety awareness for new or inexperienced skippers and crew and is also for those simply wanting to refresh their skills for sailing, motor and powerboating. It can also be used to compliment the Powerboat (Level 2, Intermediate and Advanced), Start Yachting, Helmsman and Day Skipper courses.

Navigation for Day Skipper Course

For sailors who want to take their navigation skills to the next level, the Navigation for Day Skipper Course is an excellent option. This course covers the theory and practice of navigation, including position fixing, course shaping, and passage planning. It also covers advanced topics such as meteorology, collision regulations, and electronic navigation. The course is designed for sailors who want to become competent day skippers and is an essential step towards the Day Skipper practical course.

This Day Skipper Theory course is a comprehensive introduction to sail or motor cruising for inexperienced skippers and equips you with sufficient knowledge to navigate within familiar waters by day. This can either be a stand-alone 5-day course or supplement the Day Skipper Sail and Motor practical week.

RYA Theory Courses

Yachtmaster / Coastal Skipper Course

The Yachtmaster / Coastal Skipper Course is another important RYA theory course in Majorca. This course covers the theory and practice of navigation and seamanship at an advanced level. It is designed for sailors who want to become Yachtmaster or Coastal Skipper certified and covers a range of topics, including advanced navigation, meteorology, and collision regulations. The course is an essential step towards the Yachtmaster practical course and is ideal for sailors who want to take their skills to the highest level.

This six-day Yachtmaster/Coastal Skipper Course is advanced training for more experienced skippers wanting to learn how to navigate safely on coastal and offshore passages. The course starts with a revision of the basics in navigation theory and quickly moves on to advanced navigation, meteorology, collision avoidance, safety at sea and passage planning. This course provides theory knowledge to the standard required for the Coastal Skipper and Yachtmaster Offshore practical exams.

Yachtmaster Ocean – Celestial Navigation Course

Finally, the Yachtmaster Ocean – Celestial Navigation Course is an advanced RYA theory course in Majorca. This course covers the theory and practice of celestial navigation, including using the stars, planets, and other celestial bodies to determine position at sea. It is designed for sailors who want to become Yachtmaster Ocean certified and is an essential step towards the Yachtmaster Ocean practical course. The course covers a range of topics, including sextant use, celestial navigation software, and emergency navigation.

A course in Astronavigation, worldwide meteorology and passage planning, which also unravels the mysteries of the sextant. This advanced course is for those aspiring to blue water cruising and is ideal for holders of the Yachtmaster Offshore certificate who are preparing for their first ocean passage. This course involves Astronavigation, ocean passage making, worldwide meteorology and electronic navigation aids – it also includes time learning the practical application of a sextant. Note: If you are working towards your Yachtmaster Ocean Certificate of Competence, completion of this shore-based course exempts you from the written exam.

In conclusion, the RYA theory courses in Majorca offer sailors the opportunity to gain the knowledge and skills they need to navigate safely and confidently on the water. Whether you are looking to improve your basic navigation and seamanship skills or become an advanced Yachtmaster Ocean navigator, there is a course to suit your needs. So why not take the plunge and sign up for a course today? Your theoretical knowledge of sailing and navigation will be greatly enhanced.

RYA Sailing Courses

Sailing Courses Majorca

RYA Sailing Courses – updated 15 February 2023.

Majorca, the largest island in the Balearic Islands, is a popular destination for sailing enthusiasts from all over the world. The island’s crystal-clear waters, mild weather, and excellent sailing conditions make it an ideal location for sailors of all levels. And for those who want to improve their skills or learn to sail, the Royal Yachting Association (RYA) offers a range of sailing courses in Majorca.

The RYA is a UK-based organisation that provides internationally recognised training and certification for sailors. The RYA courses in Majorca are run by accredited training centres, ensuring that you receive quality instruction from experienced and qualified instructors. These courses cover a wide range of sailing skills, from beginner to advanced levels.

Whether you are a complete beginner hoping to find your sea legs for the first time, or a salty sea dog keen to build new skills and experience, there are RYA Training Centres on the island who can help you to achieve your goals via fun & challenging training in the stunning surroundings of the beautiful Balearic Islands. Whether you want to learn to sail a dinghy or move onto something bigger like a cruising yacht, there is a RYA training course designed for you. These courses will equip you with the skills and learning to be confident out at sea, whether in your own boat or a charter yacht.

The most popular RYA sailing courses in Majorca are the Start Yachting, Competent Crew, Day Skipper, Coastal Skipper, and Yachtmaster courses.

RYA Sailing Courses

Start Yachting Course

On the Start Yachting course, you will have lots of fun learning the basics of boat handling, experience steering a yacht, sail handling, rope-work and be taught safety on board. During your two days on one of their excellent sailing yachts there will also be plenty of time to relax in the sunshine & appreciate the stunning scenery. To complete your first sailing experience, you also have the option of one night sleeping onboard. The Start Yachting Certificate is awarded on completion of the course. This can be used to go on to complete the Competence Crew course in a reduced time of three days or two weekends.

Competent Crew Course

Get the best foundation to build your sailing experiences on & enjoy a great holiday exploring Mallorca as you learn the basics on a Competent Crew course. The five-day RYA sailing course is for beginners and those who would like to become an active crew member rather than just a passenger. You will spend a fun week gaining practical hands-on experience in general boat handling and safety on board which includes helming, mooring, man overboard drills, dropping anchor, handling sails and ropes and assisting in all day-to-day routines.

Competent Crew is the entry-level course of the Royal Yachting Association for those who wish to be active crew members of a sailing yacht. It is a hands-on course and by the end of the course participants should be able to steer, handle sails, keep a lookout, row a dinghy and assist in all day-to-day duties on board. The Competent Crew course is one of a structured series of courses run by the RYA including Coastal Skipper and Yachtmaster. If you have done the Start Yachting course, this course can be completed in 3 days.

RYA Sailing Courses

Day Skipper Course

This Day Skipper sail-training course is for individuals with a little yachting experience and basic navigation and sailing skills that want to be able to take charge as skipper over short passages. During the five-day practical course, you will be given full responsibility at the helm for the crew and navigation with the instructor on hand at all times to provide advice and encouragement and to ensure your safety. This practical course can be supplemented with the Day Skipper theory course either side of the practical week with 2 days classroom-based theory in navigation beforehand and afterwards. At the end of a successful course, you may also be eligible for an International Certificate of Competence (ICC).

Coastal Skipper Course

This five-day RYA Coastal Skipper sailing course is for advanced skippering techniques for yachtsmen and women with considerable knowledge of sailing and navigation that want to undertake coastal passages by day and night. This intensive practical course covers skippering passages in more challenging conditions and provides thorough tuition for passage planning, pilotage by day and night, boat handling, safety and emergency situations. Candidates will often work towards a Certificate of Competence.

The one-week RYA Yachtmaster Coastal Skipper Course builds on your Day Skipper skills to give you the confidence and ability to skipper a cruising yacht safely on coastal and out-of-sight-of-land passages.

A coastal skipper is a yachtsman or woman who has the ability to skipper a yacht in coastal waters by day or night. There is a shore-based course which provides the background knowledge required, a practical course which teaches the skills and techniques required, and a Certificate of Competence. While the qualification originated in the United Kingdom, the course is taught worldwide.

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Majorca’s sunny climate, clear waters, and reliable winds make it a fantastic location for sailors of all levels. And with the RYA sailing courses in Majorca, you can gain the skills and knowledge you need to enjoy this beautiful island to the fullest. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced sailor, there’s an RYA sailing course in Majorca to suit your needs. So, why not take the plunge and sign up for a course today?