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Sant Elm
Sant Elm

Laid back fishing port

Sant Elm, a small village located on the western coast of the Spanish island of Majorca, is a hidden gem that offers a tranquil escape from the bustling tourist destinations of the island. With its pristine beaches, scenic hiking trails, and charming local atmosphere, Sant Elm is the perfect place for travelers seeking a more relaxed and authentic experience of Majorca.

Sant Elm (also known as San Telmo in Spanish) is a laid-back fishing port on the southwestern edge of the island that has managed to keep mass tourism away due to its relative remoteness.

The village is nestled in a picturesque cove surrounded by towering cliffs and crystal-clear waters. The main beach, Platja de Sant Elm, is a stunning stretch of sand that is popular with both locals and tourists alike. From the beach, visitors can enjoy breath-taking views of the nearby island of Sa Dragonera, which is a protected nature reserve and a popular destination for bird-watching and hiking.

Beyond the beach, Sant Elm is a charming village that is full of narrow cobblestone streets and traditional Spanish architecture. Visitors can explore the village’s historic center and visit the church of Sant Elm, which dates back to the 16th century and offers a glimpse into the island’s rich religious heritage. The village is also home to a number of local restaurants that serve up delicious traditional Majorcan cuisine, such as paella, sobrasada, and ensaimadas.

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Sant Elm

Sant Elm - a local feel

A popular route to Sant Elm is the narrow, twisting Ma1030 road from S’Arracó; which will take you through pine forests into the resort and its spectacular views.

San Telmo was named after the patron saint of sailors, and it remains a working fishing port to this day. Very popular with hikers, cyclists and yachting day-trippers, the village has largely remained true to its roots and still has a local feel to it.

For those looking for adventure, Sant Elm is also an ideal base for exploring the nearby Tramuntana Mountains. The area is renowned for its stunning hiking trails, which offer breathtaking views of the coastline and the surrounding countryside. There are also a number of cycling routes that traverse the hills, providing a unique and invigorating way to experience the island.

Sant Elm

Blue flag beaches

Many day trippers visit Sant Elm to catch the boat over to the uninhabited Sa Dragonera for the day and many just spend the day on the beach or enjoying one of the quality seafood restaurants that can be found on the coastline.

The sandy beach known as San Gran and a smaller pebble beach Sa Petita are the local beaches, both with blue flag status and both with good facilities. Sant Elm is a popular place to swim, snorkel and scuba due to its rocky inlets and islands plus the great water quality.

Sant Elm


Sant Elm was used as a rallying point during the reconquest of Mallorca from the Saracens in the 13th century, it has also seen more than its fair share of pirate activity especially when the island of Sa Dragonera was occupied by the infamous Red Beard (Barbarossa). Along the coastline, you will find two ancient watchtowers built to protect the town from pirate attacks.

Overall, Sant Elm is a magical destination that offers a peaceful and authentic escape from the more tourist-packed areas of Majorca. Whether you’re looking to relax on the beach, hike in the mountains, or explore the local culture, this charming village has something to offer everyone.

If you enjoy getting out on the water, there are plenty of opportunities available on the island. With hidden bays that can only be accessed by boat, perfect non-tidal waters, 555 km of coastline, incredible weather and stunning views, Mallorca is a boater’s paradise. From paddle surfing to diving to jet-ski excursions & cruises, there’s a massive choice of experiences to choose from