Mondrago National Park

Coastal reserve

White sand beaches, wetlands, turquoise seas, coastal cliffs, dry stone walls and rustic sheds are all features that you will find in the 766 hectare Mondrago National Park, a beautiful area of Mallorca that is well-known as a birdwatching destination but is also popular for swimming & hiking.

This picturesque coastal reserve is located in the south of the island close to the town of Santanyí. Despite being remote, the park is very popular and is characterised by small dry-stone-walled fields and tiny winding lanes framed by olive, almond and fig trees.

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Natural Area of Special Interest

The wetlands area called Ses Fonts de n'Alis is an important stop-over for migrating birds and the park has been designated as a Natural Area of Special Interest, an Area of Special Protection for Birds and a Site of Community Interest.

Declared a Natural Park in 1992, Mondrago National Park has a few very beautiful beaches such as Cala Mondragó and S'Aramador Beach. Only 95 of the 766 hectare surface area of the park are public property, the remainder consists of privately owned estates and land.

Agricultural features

The park has an identity sculptured by centuries of farming and you will find agricultural features that are unique to this area.

For the most part, the surface of the Park is made up of parched, poor, stony fields known as rotes.

The park only closes two days every year, these being Christmas Eve and the New Year. There is no best time to visit, diverse landscapes are enhanced by each individual season.

The closest accommodation is either the resort of Cala d'Or or the rural town of Santanyi.

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