Pirates Adventure

Swashbuckling show

Ahoy there, me hearties! Step aboard the mighty Hispaniola and set sail on a magical voyage back to a time when Pirates ruled the Seven Seas! This be no ordinary show, but a thrilling experience that’ll transport ye into a world of swashbuckling pirates, hidden treasure, and treacherous betrayals.

The arena be designed to look like a pirate ship, with a water feature that’ll make ye feel like ye be sailing the high seas. The lighting be impressive, bringing the show to life and creating an atmosphere that’ll keep ye on the edge of yer seat.

But it be the tale that’ll really capture yer imagination. The crew be highly skilled, performing a range of feats that’ll leave ye gasping in amazement. Ye’ll see sword fighting that be so well choreographed it’ll make ye think the crew be really battling it out. The acrobatics be mind-boggling, with performers leaping and flipping through the air using trampolines, bungee cords, and other equipment. The water feature be also used to great effect, as the crew performs stunts and acrobatics that’ll leave ye speechless.

And if ye be in the mood for a laugh, the comedic interludes be sure to tickle yer fancy. But don’t think for a moment that the show be all fun and games – there be plenty of thrills and danger too!

The music be a mix of modern and traditional pirate-themed tunes that’ll have ye tapping yer foot and swaying to the beat. And the crew be highly interactive with the audience, making sure that ye be fully immersed in the show. Ye might even find yerself part of the show, so be ready to join in the fun!

With over three million visitors already on board, ye don’t want to be left behind! Join us and feel the heat of the fire, hear the sound of swords clashing, and look up as Pirates fly over your head! We have four seating categories to choose from, so there’s something to fit every ship’s budget: Main Deck, Quarter Deck, VIP Captain’s Tables or for the ultimate Pirates Adventure, choose the VVIP Experience with Below Decks Backstage Tour!

Back in the day, the trading routes were a scene of many historic battles over rumours of hidden treasures. Sir Henry Morgan had fought and defeated the evil Pirate Jacques Lafitte, leaving his galleon shipwrecked in the Caribbean. But feeling vulnerable to a revenge attack, Morgan enlisted the help of Sir Francis Drake – The noblest of Pirates, Blackbeard – The most notorious Pirate, Barbarossa – King of the Mediterranean Seas, and Captain Scarlet – a beauty that rules with an iron fist, to help him defend the treasure and crush Lafitte once and for all.

So, me hearties, be sure to cheer for your Captains! Come aboard the Hispaniola and let’s show Lafitte and his scurvy crew who rules the waves! It be an adventure ye won’t soon forget!

Jump on board the Hispaniola and take a magical journey through a time when Pirates ruled the Seven Seas! Escape for an evening of jaw-dropping entertainment complete with a real buccaneer’s feast.

What to expect

With over 3 million visitors to date and a host of celebrity guests, such as Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tom Daley, Pirates Adventure makes for the perfect night out in Majorca for families, couples and groups.

Voted the island's No.1 show on TripAdvisor, Pirates Adventure boasts a team of Olympic and World Champion gymnasts that'll amaze you. A large galleon sets the stage, and you'll be in the midst of the action – feel the heat of the fire, hear the sound of the swords, and look up as pirates fly over you.

You're in for an evening of edge-of-your-seat entertainment, complete with soft drinks and water. Choose from three seating categories. Main Deck – with no seat being further than 15 m from the stage. Quarter Deck – better seats with fast-track entrance. And Captain's Tables for the best seats, priority entrance, VIP waiter service, and a signed poster for kids.


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