Palma Aquarium

Live coral

Located in Playa de Palma between Palma and the airport, Palma Aquarium is one of the finest in Europe and has an excellent reputation for its marine research, conservation and preservation programs.

The aquarium has a very impressive display of live coral and many of the corals that you will see have been breed within the premises.

Palma Aquarium is a haven for fish fans, which also features Europe's biggest living coral collection, and Europe's deepest shark tank.

The 'Big Blue'

The 55 tanks at the aquarium are filled with five million litres of salt water and they are home to sea creatures from the Mediterranean and also far-away oceans. The central tank has a transparent tunnel, which you can walk through. Named The 'Big Blue', it is the largest shark tank in Europe.

The aquarium offers a ‘Dive with sharks’ activity where you get the opportunity to dive with 11 sharks, a mix of sand tiger and sandbar sharks some of which are 2.5 metres long. The full experience is available for divers who have a PADI license; however even if you are not qualified there is an option to dive up to 4.5 metres deep with a qualified instructor.

Shark sleepover

There’s a massive amount of different specimens to be found at the aquarium from a wide range of marine environments and you will get a genuine feel for the ecological and environmental system of living creatures from the Mediterranean and also the Pacific, Atlantic and Indian Oceans.

This truly is a magical and family friendly attraction where you can get up close and personal with marine life. The stirring exhibits and aquarium delights are attractive to people of all ages and children in particular are drawn to the Big Blue shark tank, they even have the option to have a shark sleepover.

Touch pool

Other attractions at the aquarium include the touch pool, which allows visitors to touch and learn about some of its inhabitants, the kids play area complete with a pirate ship and two cafes and gift shop.


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