Cabrera Island

Terrestrial and Maritime National Park

Cabrera Island is located within the only national park in the Balearic islands, the Archipelago de Cabrera National Park; which was established in 1991 and is located about 14 kilometres south of the Mallorcan coast.

The Archipelago consists of 19 small islands and islets and the whole area is designated as a Terrestrial and Maritime National Park, most of which is covered by the sea.

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The Isle of Goats

The dry, hilly, natural islands are a haven for birdlife with as many as 150 different species of birds stopping there during their migration.

The largest of the islands is Cabrera, often referred to as ‘The Isle of Goats' and this is the only island that you can visit. The other islands are used for wildlife research and are strictly out-of-bounds for tourists.

Cape Punta de Anciola

With only 14 inches of average annual rainfall, Cabrera is a barren island with a landscape adapted to summer droughts and dominated by rocks and small bushes and only 200 people per day (300 in August) are granted permission to visit the island. There are also tight restrictions for those wishing to take their yachts to the island.

There’s a lot to see on the island including the lighthouse at Cape Punta de Anciola, the ruins of a fortress tower, a naval cemetery and numerous historic sites.

Crystal clear waters

Cabrera is part of the Serra de Levante mountain range and is an excellent place to dive or snorkel, it has crystal clear waters and around 200 different species of fish with water depths ranging form shallow to over 100m.

To get to Cabrera, you will need to take a boat and trips leave the port at Colònia de Sant Jordi on a regular basis during the summer.

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