Es Torrent de Pareis / Sa Calobra

The 'Knotted Tie'

Sa Calobra is a small village on the coast that is widely regarded as having the best unspoiled cove on the island. It also has a hidden beach and an incredible gorge – Es Torrent de Pareis. Tourists flock to this location in their hundreds all year around to admire the jaw-dropping scenery and to enjoy the incredible journey there with its twisting roads and spectacular views.

With a 800m descent over 12km and the infamous 270 degree loop known as the 'Knotted Tie' and incredible mountain views of Mallorca’s highest mountain, Puig Major, the road to Sa Calobra is an adventure in its own right.

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Sa Calobra beach

Torrent de Pareis begins several kilometres up in the mountains and ends at Sa Calobra beach, an unusual part pebble, part sand beach which continues to be popular with artists from far and wide and is an area considered a Special Protection Area for Birds.

The beach has a history dating back to the 18th century and it is even rumoured that the infamous pirate Red Beard docked in Sa Calobra. Situated nearby is the small cove of Cala Tuent with a sandy beach and a 13th century church, Ermita de Sant Llorenc.

Natural Monument

The best time to visit the gorge is during the summer when it is dry and you can hike inland between the cliffs, this is definitely not recommended during the winter months.

Es Torrent de Pareis was elevated to the category of Natural Monument in 2003 by the Government of the Balearic Islands.

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