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Category: Underground lake

The Caves of Drach

Drach Caves

The Caves of Drach – updated 28 September 2022

One of the largest caves in Europe and located in Mallorca, the Cuevas del Drach are considered by many to be the 8th Wonder of the World.

Lake Martel

Within the caves is Lake Martel, one of the largest underground lakes on the planet; which today plays host to a boat-borne classical music program; which attracts visitors from far and wide. The lake is named after French geologist Edouard Martel who first mapped the cave in 1896.

Porto Cristo

The caves are located on the east coast of the island within walking distance of the small town of Porto Cristo and they are extremely popular so do expect the inevitable crowd. The tour of the caves covers around 1.2km and due to the number of visitors, takes place at a very slow pace. You will be led through the many chambers accompanied by a multilingual commentary, which finishes at a vast amphitheatre and Lake Martel.

Stalactites and stalagmites

The chambers are jaw-dropping beautiful and very cleverly lit in a multitude of bright colours designed to enhance dimensions and highlight the impressive stalactites and stalagmites which adorn each chamber. There is also an underground river. It feels at times like you have been transported to a different world.

The tour

During your tour, you will go about 25 metres deep, which results in the caves having 80% humidity and a temperature of around 21°C.

The duration of each tour is one hour. The opportunity does exist to take a short boat ride on the lake at the end of the concert.

If you are driving to the caves, there is free parking and also picnic areas. You’ll also find a café and a souvenir shop plus free WIFI.

The Caves of Drach are open all year round, offering four daily excursions during winter increasing to seven for the summer months.

Caves of Drach Tours & Experiences

Drach Caves, Pearl Factory & Local Market Tour

Drach Caves, Pearl Factory and Local Market Tour

There's a trio of Majorca's must-sees on this tour. You'll visit the island's Majorica Pearl Factory, stroll the stalls of Sant Llorenç farmer's market, then delve into the depths of the famous Drach Caves – a world of secretive caverns and subterranean lakes brought to life by music and light shows.

Your first stop will be the Majorica factory, where possibly the finest imitation pearls in the world are made. See the manufacturing process before browsing pearl jewellery in the on-site shop. It's then on to the weekly market in Sant Llorenç. Browse stalls stocked with everything from souvenirs to aromatic herbs and pungent cheeses. It's a great place to try local food, like Majorca's famous black-pig pork.

The Drach Caves are next. There are four caves and one large lake, made all the more magical by the specially designed lighting system and a classical music concert from a quartet right in the very depths of the caves – Book now

Caves of Drach Half-Day Tour with Boat Trip and Music Concert

Full Day Tour to Caves of Drach and Hams with Porto Cristo and Pearl Factory

Mallorca Day Trip to Majorica Pearl Shop and Caves of Drach

BEWARE: There are TWO cave attractions in Porto Cristo. Cuevas dels Hams is much smaller than then the Caves of Drach and contrary to some of their advertising, they do not have a boat ride or concert. Their tickets are also much more expensive than the Drach caves. Many of the road signs around Porto Cristo are misleading and it is easy to think you are being directed to the Caves of Drach.