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Nightlife in Playa De Palma

Playa De Palma nightlife

Nightlife in Playa De Palma – updated 05 February 2023.

Playa de Palma, located on the southeast coast of Majorca, is a popular holiday destination known for its stunning beaches, lively atmosphere, and thriving nightlife scene. Whether you're looking for a wild night of clubbing, a relaxing evening in a bar, or a cultural experience, Playa de Palma has something for everyone.

Nightlife in Playa De Palma revolves around two main areas, the Mega Park near El Arenal and a party street named Carrer Padre Bartolome Salva (known as ‘Bar Street’) in the resort area of Les Meravelles.

Nightlife Playa Palma

Playa de Palma

Around El Arenal, you’ll find a good assortment of nightclubs, bars and beer gardens and in Playa de Palma itself, there are a few beach clubs providing cocktails and a chilled-out lounge vibe.

For those who love to dance, Playa de Palma offers a variety of clubs and bars that cater to all types of music genres, from house to hip-hop, and everything in between. Some of the most famous clubs in Playa de Palma include Megapark, Bonanza, and Catwalk. Megapark is a well-known club that offers a fun and energetic atmosphere, with its iconic stage and live performances. Bonanza is a legendary club in Playa de Palma, famous for its wild foam parties and lively music. Catwalk is a newer club that offers a stylish and sophisticated atmosphere, with its sleek design and state-of-the-art sound system.

Playa de Palma is very popular with German and Dutch tourists (hence the beer gardens) and you will find that the majority of restaurants cater mostly to this audience. Seafront restaurants charge typical tourist prices; however, if you look down the backstreets, there are places that you can enjoy a good meal without it costing an arm and a leg.

Bar Street

Bar Street is Playa de Palma’s version of the Strip in Magaluf, just substitute noisy Brits with noisy Germans. It is around 450m long and stretches from the intersection with Carrer del Llaüt to the intersection with Carrer de les Canyes.

On both sides of the street, you will find an assortment of bars, pubs, night clubs and places to eat.

Nightlife Playa Palma

Mega Park

Mega Park is Europe's largest open-air beer garden with free entry that is just one big party with live sports (three oversized full HD video screens and a giant video cube), live entertainment and festivals. There is also an in-house restaurant, Don Quixote, which sounds Mexican but isn’t. The park has a distinctly German feel to it and the website is only available in German.

Nightlife Playa Palma


Nightlife in Playa De Palma steps up at the end of summer when Mega Park hosts it's classic Oktoberfest celebrations where visitors can get a taste of German food and drink while dancing away to all the classic Oktoberfest tunes. It is a fun celebration that tries hard to match Oktoberfest in Munich.

In conclusion, the nightlife in Playa de Palma is diverse and exciting. Whether you're looking for a wild night of clubbing, a relaxing evening in a bar, or a cultural experience, Playa de Palma has something for everyone. So, pack your bags, grab your friends, and get ready for an unforgettable nightlife experience on the southeast coast of Majorca!

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